Dear Dr. Conn:

I am thoroughly well satisfied with the engagements that you have arranged, and I am really glad that there are not more. Dr. LeRossignol has asked me to do something at the Banquet of the Writers Guild on Saturday evening, May 2, and I will go there directly from Branson. I should think I could get away Sunday, the third, and reach Wayne nicely in the evening, but it is barely possible that someone may induce me to stay over Sunday, either in Lincoln or in Omaha.

Could you arrange to have me beginning on Tuesday, the fifth? You may count on me to do anything you want me to do that I can do. Your suggestion for an informal gathering or two in addition to a night affair sounds good. When I leave Wayne, I will drive directly to Manderson, South Dakota and shall spend about ten days there. I can go over to Chadron anytime during that ten days or immediately afterward on the return trip. Counting two days with you and two days for the trip to Manderson, you will be able to tell President Elliott when I'm available, and he can drop me a line at Manderson, South Dakota, saying when he wants me and I will be on hand, since the drive to Chadron is not considerable.

My two daughters, Enid and Hilda, will accompany me on this trip--Enid as secretary and Hilda as official observer! If arrangements cannot be made to give them a room on the hill, we can no doubt find a place nearby or downtown.

I am genuinely eager to see you and Mrs. Conn again.

With all kind thoughts,

Jno. G. Neihardt
John G. Neihardt