Dear Comrade:

Write to Mr. Clair Kenamore, Post-Dispatch for permission to use the Millay material from the Anniversary Number, referring him to me. This is the best way, I'm sure, for you will want permission direct. I think Kenamore will arrange. I know him well and he often comes up to my office for little helps and favors that happen to be in my line. I'm glad you want to run the Millay stuff. It's bully. Here's a hint in connection with the matter. In writing Kenamore, state that you have heard of the appearance of "The Drift of Civilization" (Simon and Schuster),, which contains the 26 special articles from the Anniversary Number, and that you plan to run an article about it soon. This should help. I've just done a two col. article about the book for the body of the paper. It's a whale of a book & you will like it.

With love always,