John G. Neihardt, Branson, Missouri to Benjamin Black Elk, [ca. June 8, 1931]
Dear Ben:

We are home at last, as you see, and our visit with Black Elk and you and the other Oglalas grows steady in our memory. It was a time never to be forgotten and we hope to repeat it. When we left you in the Black Hills, we went to Deadwood, stayed all night and drove on to Spearfish the next day intending to go to the Custer Battlefield. We got on the wrong highway and found ourselves thirty-eight miles off the road. Then we turned back to Spearfish and had gone ten miles on the right road when our rear end went out on us. We got a tow into town and learned that nothing more than the [__________] and the [__________] were needed to set us right. Two little articles that cost only $1.85 but we had to telegraph to Denver for them and as a result we lost three days waiting in Spearfish. On Wednesday night we started for home and we reached here Saturday afternoon [June 6]--1500 miles.

You promised to get the numbers of that section of land for me and I wish you would do this as soon as convenient. I am wondering if they are not put on the section corner. You also said that you would see if Charge-at-the-Enemy would sell his ghost shirt for three dollars. No doubt you will see him one of these times and when you do remember to ask him. Also if I could find an old-time war bonnet I'd be glad to get it at a reasonable figure. Give our kindest thoughts to your wife and pat Olivia tenderly on the cheeks for us. That is a sweet little girl. All three of us join in sending affectionate regards.

Your uncle,