John G. Neihardt, Branson, Missouri, to Nicholas Black Elk [ca. June 8, 1931]

We reached home after a drive of 1500 miles from Spearfish on Saturday afternoon. After leaving you in the Black Hills, we drove to Spearfish and started for the Custer Battlefield but we got on the wrong road and drove thirty-eight miles before we found out. Then we drove back to Spearfish and started on the right road, but we got only ten miles out when the rear end of our car broke and we had to be towed back. It took us three days to get in shape again and then it was too late to start for the Custer Battlefield so we came home. Hope you and Ben reached home in good shape and that you are not unhappy. Our visit with you makes one of the finest memories we have, and we intend to visit you again not too far off. Enid is now copying on the typewriter the notes she took of your story, and very soon I shall be able to get to work on the book. It is going to be a really good book, and you are going to be happy about it I know. Keep this in mind when you feel lonesome or sad and it will cheer you up. The finest things in your life are going to be saved for other men. This ought to make you happy.

I am asking Ben to get the numbers of the section of land that we looked at on Wounded Knee and I really hope it may be possible to get that section for a ranch so that I may have a place to come to in the summer, and when I come of course you will visit me. This country here is very beautiful and our home is beautiful, but there is something in your country that we cannot forget.

With affectionate thoughts from all three of us your nephew and your granddaughters.