Dear Comrade:

I've been thinking of you a good share of the time and wishing there were something I could do to help you; but, as usual, when the big needs come one is hard to reach with help.

I'm wondering what you are planning, or may plan. I wish I could be with you. If you are to be in Montgomery, as I suppose you will be, I'd like to visit with you, if possible.

When I hear from you again and know that you have begun to go ahead again, I will send you several letters I want you to see.

I was about to write you that you sent the wrong book, which I returned, when your note arrived from N. Y.

I want to get at you, but a letter is no good.

With the old love, dearest of comrades!

Neihardt Branson Mo
B[RAN?]SON JAN 4 1-PM 1932 MO.


Dr. Julius T. House New River State College Montgomery, West Virginia