Dear Comrade:

For some reason or other my copy of your latest issue has not arrived. Anxious to see it.

I enclose some things that you may return on your next — this by way of sending you some of the news. Reviews all over the country have been surprisingly enthusiastic. Movie seems a possibility. Am getting bully stuff in the Messiah.

I wish you would make an effort to find a good medium the very next time you go to N. Y. Wish you were here. My friend, Dr. Schmidt, is living here now & is a very remarkable medium when he is in shape. He would astound you in convincing ways. I feel sure.

This, as you see, is just an interjection, but it carries the same love as always!


Latham is right. Sure I can get double the amount he mentions if I want it. Will sign contract & push ahead as steadily & rapidly as possible.

Please return the things I enclose