Dear Comrade:

I've just hurried off a scrawl to you by air, failing to note that you will go to N. Y. in two weeks. Too soon to see Latham, unless his European trip is an invention for me alone, designed to protect him against the necessity of an answer to a pertinent question I had the guts to ask. But go & see Thayer Hobson of Wm. Morrow & Co., 386 Fourth Ave., & have just a friendly gabfest with him for my sake — nothing about the biography. That is definitely for Macmillans, as I see now. I like Hobson very much by the feel of him at this distance.

Give him a look-in on the world of my work already accomplished. He believes but does not wholly know. Then Hobson might be a good connection for you — maybe even for the biography. Who knows

While in N. Y., just for fun, try to get Latham on the 'phone, not suspecting, of course, that hypothetically at least, he is in Europe! It might be a lot of fun for both of us!! And I think we both need a little spell of laughter. God knows I do.

I deeply admire the stamina you are revealing, though I know well that much of the time you feel gone & hollow inside. Mrs. House, I truly believe, is as real as ever. I don't mean any sentimentalism but a fairly probable fact, like any other fact.

Endless love


Tell Hobson I told you to say that you are nearest to me of all men. On second thought, I'll tell Hobson you will call & suggest a lunch!