Dear Comrade:

I'm leaving in an hour, with Hilda and Alice, for the Black Hills where I will work until late August. Write me here, and, of course, the letter will follow.

I'm interested in the work you now have in hand. Best of luck, dear Comrade!

As for the monument idea, please believe that the following expresses my real feeling: Mona is so eager about it that I do not feel free to oppose. I'm very much afraid the project will seem premature to most people. Also, I fear that it may seem that I'm an ass. The fact is, Comrade, that I am working on The Messiah with no thought of how it may be accepted by the public. But for my responsibilities, I'd be willing, I believe to drop out when the last work is written. At any rate, this serves to express my real feeling about my work. You will understand, because you do care for me, I know.

When I'm through in this world, I have no doubt my work will continue to grow--probably more than it deserves. If I were to die this month, your project could be put over easily. But I'm probably here for a good while yet. Use your judgement.

Doctor, The Messiah will please you. The only man who has seen all the MS is Doctor Plank of Omaha -- a finely cultivated man, an inspired man when he speaks to crowds. He visited me twice this spring & read the MS while here. He told friends in Omaha that "unquestionably" the poem is the best thing I've done. He knows my work -- frequently uses my stuff for texts. He's a Unitarian, but he doesn't care for any name!

Endless love, best of Comrades! And may you be close to whatever source of power there may be while you are doing your book!