Dear Comrade:

It was very good to hear from you again and to feel the warm glow in you.

There is so much to say, because of the years we have been apart, that there seems to be no place to begin. We should be together a month or more in some lonely place. But I love you.

By now the copy of The Messiah I ordered for you must have arrived.

I like what you had to say in the latest number of the Outpost — particularly one of the book reviews. It's good to hear that Homer is about to publish a volume of verse. I want a copy for review.

In company with a Salt Lake City friend (who is the authority on the history of that country) I plan to cross the Great Salt Desert with horses next summer. No one has crossed with animals for 90 years. It will be a fine experience. Jed Smith crossed the narrower southern portion & nearly died. We can make it nicely with our plan. They say that the silence and emptiness in the middle of that white desert are something to experience! No native, I'm told, could be hired to go out there on a horse. I'm very eager for the adventure.

I am now through with the Great Plains country — at last. When I crossed the Divide last August, I could say truly — and did — that I was crossing a divide in my life interest. Hereafter my "spiritual center of gravity" is out there, insofar as that center can truthfully be given any geographical location.

Well, here's the old abiding affection, dear good Comrade!


BRANSON OCT 31 3-PM 1935 MO.


Dr. Julius T. House 521 Wyoming St., Charleston, W. Va.