Dear Mott:

Many thanks for the pictures. They're magnificent! And I'm glad for the picture of the Society's quarters where so many have been and shall be really happy together. Mona and I carried the warm glow of that evening with us all the way home — and did we need it, with the snow heaped high and the mercury trying to get out at the bottom of the thermometer!

We had a good time at Grinnell in spite of the big snowstorm, which cut down my crowd somewhat. But they haven't the S. P. C. S. spirit over there by a good deal! Very pleasant and appreciative people, however.

It was bully to be with you again, and Mona and I do hope that you and Mrs. Mott will visit us before too long. I think we'd really have a good time together.

With thanks for everything and all kind thoughts,

Jno. Neihardt