Dear Comrade:

I liked the review, which will appear May 24th. A check will be mailed you early in the week. If it should not seem sufficiently big considering the amount of reading you did, believe that later payments for less reading will even matters up.

I am sending you WIND WHICH MOVED A SHIP. You will remember that I commented on one of your amusing reviews. Whenever there is an opportunity to write in that mood without forcing it (which you wouldn't do), go ahead. That sort of thing attracts attention and pleases readers. After all, the Hitler books would bore most readers, and there is apparently nothing new in either of them for readers like yourself and me. You did a difficult job well. I am constantly trying to keep down the proportion of dull and "important" books. I realize their importance, but there is so much of it nowadays. I want to give you an opportunity to be your warm, wise, smiling self. Feel free to play in your reviews--play with meaning.

If I stay here very long (and I suppose I can stay until I am white-headed), I want to develop a staff that will do as good a job as any of them anywhere, and that can be done. I've picked up two good ones, beside yourself, just recently.

With love always,

P. S.

I note that the New York Times also reviews the two Hitler books together this week.

J. G. N.