Dear Comrade:-

I was very glad to hear from you.

As to the matter of book reviewing, I don't feel as you do, and I want to send you some more books when the season opens. Perhaps you should do the sort of book that will draw upon your learning and your knowledge of social questions. As I told you, we can't attack the capitalist system, but light can be thrown on the situation without doing that. I am delighted to hear about Fagin's project.

I am on four weeks' vacation and I think I shall stay here the whole time. Mona is learning to walk now, and can get as far as our garden. She is still very thin, but is gaining rapidly and the sickness is definitely gone.

Do you plan to stay in College Park next winter?

Dear Comrade, this carries the old affection unchanged. The thought of you is dear to me although I am not much of a correspondent. I wish we could be together awhile again.

Yours always,

(Trans. by E. V. N.)