Dear Comrade:

This will be only a note, as Mona is waiting for me here in the office, and I'm going to look at a dress.

It always warms me up inside to receive a note or letter from you.

What I said about Housman was a very small portion of what I could have said; but if there was anything in it that pleased you, I am glad.

I wish it were possible for you to arrange something over there for me, so that we could have another session together. If you can do this without too much trouble, please do, and I'll try to make arrangements. It should be along toward the end of the week. I hope a combination of Marshall College and Charleston is possible.

I am trying to find an expert scenario writer with whom I could collaborate. I have advertised in St. Louis and received only pitiful letters. Apparently, no one here is an expert, or at least, I have not reached a real one.

I'll find a real book for you one of these days.

With the old love,