Dear Comrade:

I've just run across your letter of Nov. 19th again. I answered it, but it makes me want to tell you again that I love you. The feeling that has been between us so long is one of the finest things that can happen in this world, and whenever I think of it, I am glorified.

Please give me the latest news about the Book. I do hope that Simon & Schuster will want it, for they are pushers & know how. It would give me immense satisfaction if the book should "succeed" in the worldly way. For your spiritual development, you may not need that, but I'd love to know that such satisfaction had come to you — and, of course, it would be a heartening experience. Who knows? You can truly write, as I've often told you, — which means that first of all, you can see humanly.

Things go very well here. I lectured at U. of Iowa & Grinnell College recently. Mona went along & we had a bully time together. I may be invited to lecture at Iowa through the summer sessions. I like the place. Norman Foerster (formerly of U. of N. C., Chapel Hill) is now head of the Dept. of Letters. He suggested my coming.

Dr. Conn is dead in California. It is glorious to die when one's work is done, & to go with honor. But poor Mrs. Conn! It will kill her.

Endless love, best of Comrades!

Neihardt, Branson, Mo
BRANSON JAN 30 3-PM 1936 MO.

United States Pos[tage?] WASHINGTON 3 CENTS[3?]

Dr. J.T. House 521 Wyoming St., Charleston, West Virginia