Mr. George Steele Seymour, 4917 Blackstone Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
Dear Seymour:

Of course I shall be glad to serve as Chairman of the committee, and certainly it's an honor to follow Hamlin Garland.

It would be fine to have William Allen White and Ellen Glasgow. How about Gladys Hasty Carrol, Conrad Richter of Santa Fe, Frost, Stephen Benet, Joseph Auslander?

I'm far along with The Song of Jed Smith, the central narrative of my Cycle, and the last. Having a particularly happy time with it and expect to be ready for publication in the spring of '41. I shall have spent 18 years out of the past 27 on the Cycle. This might be the news you want for the Bookfellows.

I want to see you again.

Kindest thoughts,

Jno. G. Neihardt
John G. Neihardt.