Dear Friends:

It's been far too long since I wrote you, but I've thought of you often. Since my last letter, "The Song of Jed Smith" has been finished. It was published on Sept. 21st, & fine things are being said of it and the complete "Cycle of the West". I'll send you some articles later. For some reason not wholly clear to me, there seems to be a notion abroad that Jed is the best of the lot. I'm sending you a copy with my affectionate thoughts to which Mona's are added. I'm only now sending copies to my sisters. You are the first outside the immediate family to receive a copy.

The Principal at Seward has suggested an idea by asking if I could give his students a program. If it is not too late to arrange an engagement at Wayne, and maybe one at the University, I'll do so; and then, perhaps, I could get a string of high schools in Nebraska at a fee much lower than usual. Do you know of many principals or supts. who might be interested? It's strange to feel that old weight lifted from me - a very dear weight, which I miss. But more is in me, and if I'm allowed to go ahead, as I hope, the more will come out. One thing is crowding me even more. I've never been in better health since that constant drain on the solar plexus has stopped!!

Kindest thoughts from both of us to both of you. How are you? I'd love to know.

Your friend,

Jno. N.

I had a Los Angeles manager who contracted me for a lecture on the Pacific Coast this winter. Things looked most promising for several months and then the thing had to be postponed. War scare, it seems.

J. N.