Dear Holm:

Mona and I greatly appreciate your letter, for which many thanks! As I want to get this mailed today, I'll plunge in medias res.

If you are willing to undertake high school, college, and woman's club bookings for me in Nebraska, you must have at least 20% of the gross. Is that satisfactory? You wouldn't get rich, but everyone I know can use a little extra cash. You would still be doing a friendly service. I'll furnish stamps in advance. My more recent circulars have been used up, but I have a good supply of others which, with supplementary mimeograph sheets giving recent comment, should serve well enough. These I'm sending today. Enclosed are two clippings - all that I have on hand - about Jed - the Washington Post and the St. Louis Globe-Democrat. The marked passages in the clippings would be enough to use, perhaps. Please return at your convenience. -J. N. I see now I must get them; but, having completed the Cycle, I'd be willing to

The marked passages in the clippings would be enough to use, perhaps. Please return at your convenience.

forget about all the rest.

Sigurd cannot be with me, as he is working for the Baldwin Piano Co. in St. Louis this year. We plan to be together next year. We had happy times together on the road and are real comrades, so we are both eager to set out together again. Recently, I had him take my car for his business there, so I must depend on trains and buses. This would elminate Mona too. She and I have had some happy lecture trips together during the past year and a half - from Denver to the Alleghenies.

Wayne cannot have me this winter, as I let them know too late. I'm booked for early in the summer there. Seward high school wants me. Peru Teachers' College might have an unfilled date.

As I told you, I was under contract with Lloyd Mitchell of Los Angeles to lecture this winter in the Coast states. He was very enthusiastic and apparently spent a good deal on lovely folders. Then, it seems, the Japanese war scare changed everything, and it was too late to arrange a tour in the regular way. You'll probably find colleges full up, but high schools, woman's clubs and smaller colleges, especially in Nebraska, may be interested.

As for suitable high school programs, note the comment from Culver and Kemper. I was at the former college three days, and at the latter I spoke continuously from 8:15 a.m. to 1:25 p.m., with 5 minute intervals of rest each hour. The audience increased rapidly throughout that time, and two boys were heavily penalized, in military fashion, for jumping classes that they might join us. I love youngsters.

Your suggestion about a review to be sent out to teachers seems excellent.

Have you a mimeograph? (Ours is in St. Louis). There's comment that might be copied to advantage

I hope the U. of Neb. may have an open date.

Now as for remuneration. You'd have to work on the principle that the wind should be tempered to the shorn lamb, and that it should blow harder on the unshorn. Ordinarily the fees run from $75 to $125 for single programs, with an occasional $50 for a convocation. Rarely we've picked up smaller sums in passing a place where there was genuine interest, and little available cash. I've often stayed a whole day, in addition to the night program, talking to classes, for $150-$175.

But we're considering high schools. I don't mind the extra work, and it is real work, if the total result can be sufficient to justify the trip. I should say the fee could range from $25 to $50, and, if desired, I'd spend some extra time with classes. I don't think of this as a regular money-making affair. Some genuine interest is involved, naturally. If you're ready to go, I am!

Kindest thoughts for you & Mrs. Holm from us.

Jno. Neihardt