Dear Mr. & Mrs. Holm:

Last night I did read your notes on Three Friends, and you rather astonish me. How you do know, and how unerringly you hit the vital center of things with every shot! You may even understand why the reading gave me the feeling of tears deep down inside of me. Surely there should be some way of seeing all your notes properly associated with the Cycle before I leave this kindergarten of a world!

The Macmillans Co. is so large and unwieldy, with so many officials skilled in passing the buck! But who knows what is not possible? In addition to notes, you two are the only ones I know, with certainty, who could do a revealing and honest study of the work & the life it represents. Personally,

I am not ambitious. I prayed regularly for years and years for the ability to complete the Cycle, and there was no time when I would not have been willing to be rubbed out with the reading of the last line of proof on the last Song, if such an agreement would have insured my ability to finish the work. I don't want a life study for me, but only by way of setting the Cycle in its appropriate atmosphere for understanding.

Well, anyway, bless you and yours!

Jno. Neihardt

The letter you're preparing may be the right one to accompany the Continental Concerts material, if you favor the plan I outlined yesterday. You may have better ideas. If so, please state them, & we'll be grateful.

There should be no difficulty in obtaining permission, if necessary, to use your notes up there. How could Macmillans object?