Dr. Addison E. Sheldon, Secretary, Nebraska State Historical Society, Lincoln, Nebraska.
Dear Dr. Sheldon:

I have been told that you may retire soon from your position as Secretary of the Nebraska State Historical Society. If this be true, I should like to be considered as a possible successor, and I feel that I should go directly to you with the suggestion. I realize that you have set a high standard for anyone to maintain, but at least my heart would be in the task, and I would be free to devote all my energy to it, now that my chief life-work, A Cycle of the West, is completed. I have been a student of Western History most of my life, and my contributions in that field are known. I should wish to be considered solely on this basis; and I should not care to be considered at all unless the suggestion meets with your favor.

Macmillans will bring out my Cycle, complete in one volume, this year; and in recognition of the completed work I have just been elected a member of the National Institute of Arts and Letters.

May I hear from you?

With kind thoughts,

Jno. N.
(John G. Neihardt)