Dear Friends:

I've thought of you very often this summer, and have almost written to you many times! But what really matters is the feeling I have for you. It's good.

How are things going for you? Mona & I have been here at home since my return from Purdue University on July 1st. We have been very happy. As a matter of fact I wonder, when I stop to think about it, why the feeling of blossoming happiness and a sort of thrilled, luminous peace, stay with me so steadily. By all the rules, I should be worrying!

It seems possible, even probable, that I may be on a faculty this winter; but if not this winter, almost certainly next. Three colleges do want me, and I haven't tried more than four. The other is the U. of Neb.

I suppose there is nothing new in the matter of the study & notes. I do wish I had a copy of your original study before it was cut down to fit Nebraska's geography! Mona wishes this too, and has mentioned it a number of times. She also would like to have the material she sent and whatever our youngsters sent. Someday your work will be printed and some good people we shall not know will thank you. Anyway, Mona & I do.

How I wish you could be with us awhile in this heavenly place! Everything we planted through 21 years has reached maturity and made such quiet, reassuring beauty.

Later, I'll let you know about my prospects.

I do hope things are going well enough with you. Anyway, you have what Mona & I know is priceless — you love each other, really.

Affectionate thoughts for both of you — from both of us

Jno. Neihardt