My dear Miss Teasdale:--

Several weeks ago I wrote you regarding a series of articles on the American poets of today, and asked if you would not send me some biographical data and if possible, a photograph to be used in an article about you and your work. I have not heard from you, and it is possible that you did not receive my letter.

I have so far received books and data from the following: George Sterling, Cale Young Rice, Madison Cawein and Lizette Woodworth Reese. I should like very much to hear from you. Please do not consider the fact that you are a woman and I a man. So far as I am concerned a poet is neither exclusively. I want to tell a few thousand people that this is a great lyrical age, and since you are one of those who are making true poetry, I need your help.

The Northwest, in which my literary page shall circulate, does not know what poets we have. Is it not worth while to spread the news?

I should be willing to exchange my volumes for yours if you would care to have it so. But don't thank that I am thinking of myself in this connection.


Jno. G. Neihardt