Thomas B. Mosher, Esq., Portland, Maine.
Dear Mr. Mosher:—

I am in receipt of your kind letter of late date. Would state that I was a little surprised to learn that you had considered a Neihardt number no later than two years ago. I was given to understand that the matter had been settled last winter. But I see there has been a mistake, and it does not matter.

I appreciate your reasons for being disinclined to use American writings. I beg you to believe that my letter is not to be interpreted as a movement on my part to induce you to use my lyrics, though of course I should be willing and glad if you cared to use some of them. The matter was brought to my attention by a friend in New Rochelle who is an admirer of your publications and of my work. It came to me as a pleasant surprise. Later I understood that Mr. Kennerley had given permission as publisher.

If at any time you should care to use my lyrics, you have my permission. I had not thought of any financial remuneration.

I am sure that your admiration of Mr. Robinson's work is well placed.

Very truly yours,

Jno. G. Neihardt