Dear Sterling:—

I suppose I seem like an ingrate — two or three good letters from you, & a long silence at this end. The excusee is that I've had a deuce of a lot of work. Have been winding up the books for the year, gardening, moving, building, digging, writing — and along with it all I've been sort of run down. Am picking up in fine shape now.

Just the same, Old man, I'm a hell of a good friend of yours, whether I write or not, & I'm proud to be that.

The babies had a riffing time with the beautiful shells of even Sigurd associated them with "Unkie", tho' he did not

Do you know John Galen Howard? He wants to visit me, he says.
know which uncle. Enid remembers you & now & then recalls the fact that she kissed you.

"Hugh Glass" goes on with a fine steady, tho slow gait. I'm in no hurry, & believe I'm getting there.

I begin to feel the vague something that I have sometimes called the [?] will, pushing me toward the Pacific. Wouldn't be surprised if I should land on a job out there.

Say, have you seen B. S. Wagstaff's new book? Hooray! Likewise, Hullabaloo! Also, God save the Queen & together with other expressions of enthusiasm! Rah! Rah! What t' hell, anyway? Vrerech says it is "another Faust". And yet Goethe worked a half century on his & he had one of the greatest brains a man ever had. Nay, nay, Blanche! Also, another freak says "Eris" is "The poem of the century". Le Galliene says that it is "beauty gathered up into a star" — whatever that means. Is Le Galheine drinking again, & what does he drink? Such a rattle headed composition as that "Eris" is, to be sure! Blanche might be developed to a point when she could do fairly creditable work as a factory hand. But I am optimistic just now, & may be mistaken.

Anyway, Sterling, what in thunder is there for you among so many chasers of their own tails? Silence for you, & seclusion & work — and wine if you can use it to advantage. Sooner or later you will get a bellyful of crowded places, & I'll be happy when you break away.

How about the dramatic poem & "Lillith"? anything doing? I'm sure it's a big thing that needs you as a medium.

Sometime I hope you & I may be able to take a wild trip together!

Do you need Socrates?

Bless you, Old Man.

Jno. Neihardt