Dear Bob:

I was both surprised and delighted to hear from you. I have often thought of you in a frame-work of the old times when we were youngsters, but I know only that you were still in business in Omaha.

Yes, Bancroft is a bit saddening. It used to be such a bustling town — especially on Saturdays — and when I was there an hour with Rollie Ley of Wayne a year ago, it seemed a bit like a graveyard. Still, it's Bancroft and dear for its memories.

You speak of Mrs. K's passing. I used to look at her with admiration in the old days, for she was beautiful. And your gallant, fine old dad! There was a man, by golly — a real one!

So there is a Bancroft news to take the place of my old Blade! And you contribute! Interesting stuff, too. Thanks for your thought of me and my pals of the river adventure. That was 47 years ago! You mention Yellowstone Kelly, your great uncle! I know a good deal about him, from his old friend, Capt. Grant P. Marsh, who was my friend too. Have you read Kelly's biography? Have you read The Conquest of the Missouri? The latter is Marsh's life story, & tells about Kelly. (It was I who found a publisher for The Conquest of the Missouri.) I have a fine photo of your great uncle, given to me by Capt. Marsh. Marsh was in command of the Far West in the Custer campaign, & brought Reno's wounded down to Ft. Abraham Lincoln.

Many thanks and kindest thoughts.
Your old friend,

John G. Neihardt