Dear Dr. Kendrick:

Of course I'll come — Thursday, May 17. But I think I should arrive in Ithaca on Wed., May 16 at 1 p.m. I don't want to be rushed, and maybe a bit tired. I've spoken to our chairman, Dr. Peden, and he says "John, take your time and be happy. We'll take care of your classes." In Epic America we'll be in The Song of the Indian Wars, and there are two doctors on the faculty who know & love the stuff — and are eager to carry on for me. My students in creative writing are friends, and they will carry on without me. If I'm there a bit longer, perhaps I could meet with an English class. This is only a notion, but I'd be willing.

Affectionate thoughts,

John Neihardt

This old folder was lying around, and it may interest you.

- J. N.