Dear Slade:

You dear, faithful man! I've been enjoying your cards and communications from Mexico, and they are still arriving. At any rate, one came only two or three days ago and then, your fine long letter from Washington! I did and do enjoy it!

I'm interested to know that you have been reading my stuff — especially Cycle of the West Poetic Values. I use that entire book in my Critical Essay class, and it still impresses me with its ramifications of meaning.

— Alice has just come rushing in with the news that our fine Hockney mare, Lucifer's Carolyn, has a new colt, whose daddy is Creation's King, the top-ranking Hackney stallion in the U. S. for the past six years. Golly! That should be a champion! We now have five (5) colts, two American Saddle and the others Hackney and Hackney crosses.

We've made so many improvements since you were here — many, many — and the place is looking somewhat as we dreamed it.

We are on the hom stretch at the University. Only four more weeks until examinations begin.

There is some talk of my possibly going to the University of Hawai'i for a while. This is only possible now, but it could happen. I'd love the new experience, and so would Mona.

Your lady, I understand, will join you when her semester ends at Cornell. I'm sure she will enjoy the country. I love it. So different from our Middle West. Have you tried publishers lately with your book? I'd be happy to see that between covers. It should help many people, by helping them to think effectively about their difficulties and it flows along most invitingly.

Your dear brother and I have many little talks at the noon hour — sitting in the sun, when it's sunny. He is a dear good man. We're trying to get him to visit us & have dinner with us. I think we'll succeed before long.

You are dear to me, Old Man! I'm so glad I know you.


John Neihardt