Dear Friends:

I've just received the copy of your McCurdy letter. Since H. S. Latham left Macmillans about two years ago I have had no close contact with anyone in the company. There have been two or three successors to Latham. The present Editor-in-Chief is R. F. De Wilton. I've had some contact with him, but he means nothing much to me. On the off chance that he may prove helpful, I'm enclosing a note of introduction.

  • 1. Letters to Latham over many years
  • 2. Letters to his predecessor as Ed.-in-Chief, whose name I have forgotten.

These would be of general value.

Do see Herman Hagedorm at the old Theo. Rose Roosevelt house. He, I'm sure, could help you with introductions.

Good hunting!


Jno. Neihardt