Dear Slade:

Another dear letter from you — and I do love them! Everything goes on here in keeping with an overall pattern, I believe. My classes are a source of much satisfaction to me, and, I hope, to some of my students. I have at least two really good writers in my Critical Essay class, and even the least gifted in writing show a creative interest in ideas chosen in the hope of expanding the everyday awareness of things. My Epic America students do seem interested. I always wonder about this.

Our colts are growing joyously. My God! how they do love to live! Galloping, kicking, pooping, snorting - with tails like banners waving in a wind of glory!


Mrs. Aly (now at the University of Oregon) is pushing ahead with her research, completing her dissertation (doctorate) on my work from the viewpoint of speech, and preparing for the biography she will write later. I'm fortunate to have found her for she is devoted, thorough, and gifted. I have the task of writing to her about many things bearing on my life and my writing, as questions come to her in her research.

The family is well. Yo-yo (the DOG) is growing wiser and sweeter, and I wonder how a little skin can enclose so much love. (Of course it doesn't enclose at all.)

I think so often of you and your Lady. You are dear, dear.


John Neihardt