Dear Mrs. Aly:

I have a little box of letters to send you. We think there will be more. Here are some marginalia that may help in the larger work:

The reference to money in a Sterling letter was more than a remark made "in a moment of impatience". There was much back of it, altho' at the moment I wasn't in a serious mood. Read my sonnet on money. Also, read pages 33 to 39 inclusive in Life's Lure. A gambler, Devlin, is talking with a rich man's son who has wasted a fortune and is on his way to the Black Hills in 1876, hoping to find "free gold", and so replace his lost patrimony. Devlin, the cynical gambler, has evidently done some thinking about our "medium of exchange". I still approve Devlin's view, altho' expressed with tongue in cheek.

There is (in the box) a postcard signed "Adele", who is Adele Mehl Burnet, prof. of English at the State College, Pittsburg, Kansas. (She is sister of late Dr. Mehl of the University). She is referring to my week at Emporia State College two years ago. I had a week and Frank Dobie had a week in summer school. The card quotes a Mrs. Grant who she noted my increasing audiences and the last speech before the whole student body. That was one of my good ones — the real thing. It went through with a surge and ended bing! I was lost in that one, and I wish you could use it in your dissertation along with any others — like the one at the Northwestern U. Writers Conference. There was to be a business meeting of the whole student body after my talk. The president cancelled the meeting on the grounds that he didn't want to spoil the effect of the speech or words to that effect. Golly! This seems like boasting. It really isn't. It's something for your purpose and it was real. President King might help.

Have you gotten in touch with John Collier, Comm. of Indian Affairs from 1933-46? He is my friend and was my chief. He's a genius, for sure. He might have something for you.

Kindest thoughts from us to yours.

John N.
John Neihardt Route 7 Columbia, Mo


Mrs. Bower-Aly, 2094 Hilyard, Eugene, Oregon