Dear Slade:

Hurrah for your granddaughter!! It's quite a wonderful experience, I know; for I remember the arrival of our first one. (She is married now — think of it!)

I had not heard about your brother's accident. Owing to a long spell of bad weather I did not visit with the watchmen, as usual, so didn't know until your letter came. Mona and I went to the hospital and had a good visit. We found H B looking well and he said the pain was not as great as it had been. He seemed in a good state of mind, which is important, and he said he wasn't worrying because all his expenses will be paid by his University insurance and Blue Cross. Incidentally, when telling us this, he remarked that even if his insurance didn't pay 'my brother would take care of it — you bet he would'! It was just an opportunity to express his profound faith in you and his affection. We will see him again shortly. The break is below the hip joint. I was glad to hear that. There's a mighty fine spirit in that man. I've been fond of him ever since he helped us find a farm.

It will be a pleasure to meet Thompson's class — on the 19 20th. I'll arrive on May 19th. Have already arranged for my classes. It's going to be a joy to be with you and Mrs. K. again — and to see that beautiful country.

Things go well. The dissertation on my work is moving on finely, and also work on the biography. Incidentally, I've been elected a Fellow of the International Institute of Arts and Letters at Lindau-Bodensee, Switzerland. No practical value, but pleasing!


John Neihardt

Alice and her partner, W. B. Cook, are taking over a fine stable in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, on April 1st. This place will be used for brood mares and colts.

J. N.