Dear Slade:

Your dear letter means everything to me. Bless you. All you say is true, and I am so glad you wrote about the glow of spirit in her face. It was so strikingly characteristic that even strangers have remarked about it. It was the spirit shining through. (She had been preparing to go for a long while — getting things straightened out — boxes & barrels of papers & trinkets — all our rings made strong for the children. A ring had lost a diamond. That had to be reset, because the ring would go to Sigurd after I was through wearing it. She gave me orders about the funeral long before her illness. All this was done with no hint of morbidity. We both believed together and we knew, and I know. I told her that when the time should come, I wanted her to go first. I did not want her to go through the earthly suffering of the change. So she has gone ahead, and I will do my best as long as I am needed here.

The funeral was beautiful — masses of flowers. A minister friend of mine spoke. Then I spoke directly to her for 3 minutes & read three lyrics. She had asked me to read. Then our boy, Sigurd, the pianist, played a Bach prelude that she loves. And our daughter Hilda sang gloriously a song she Mona loves. She was with us and is.

I must answer your question about the title of my lecture. Let's call it Poetry as a Vocal Art, illustrated by readings of his own lyrics. The poetry will win over those who come, but how to induce them to come —? A doctor's thesis is now being written on my reading of poetry. And, of course, I've read for years to audiences all over the country. The lyrics always won them over.

This is the best I can do just now. If you think it proper, you may use these facts: I'm a member of the National Institute of Arts and Letters; a Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets (N. Y.); Vice-Pres (for the Midwest) of the Poetry Society of America; a fellow (recently selected)

of the International Institute of Arts and Letters, Lindau-Bodensee, Germany. Some prize awards are mentioned in Who's Who. My chief work A Cycle of the West is listed as one of 3,000 in "The Best Books of the World from Homer to Hemingway".

This sounds boastful. I'm just trying to give you some support in your task of promotion.

Love, love