Dear Slade:

It was so good to hear from you again! But even when I don't hear from you, I feel your warm friendship and am strengthened by it. I note that you two have been enjoying the grandfather-grandmother feeling in your house. It's wonderful, and it makes up for many of the difficulties of living.

I'm really enjoying the television work, and it seems, from all I hear, that the programs are going over with a bang. The crew out at the television station is full of enthusiasm, and the visuals they furnish, along with appropriate sound effects add much to the reading, I'm told.

I got my 15 acres of wheat planted in fine shape 12 days ago, and it is green as a lawn in the spring now. I was unable to plow the field last year because of constant rains. The weeds were 9 to 10 ft high over the whole field, but we used a rotary mower that chewed the weeds into fine pulp. This was before the seed matured, so we should have a clean field.

The new University of Mo. Press plans to bring my Lyrics & Dramas back into print soon. I have the plates, so the expense will be far less than if we had to set the whole book again. I had a wonderful time at all of my engagements. On the 24th I'll talk to the teachers of St. Louis and St. Charles Counties, and later to a large church group in Kansas City.

One of these days I'll send some pictures of our young horses. They are beautiful. Bourbon Stonewall (1 1/2 yrs old) looks like a horseman's dream of a perfect animal. Even when he stands and stares high-headed at blue sky, he makes one think of a high wind blowing.

Affectionate thoughts to both of you dear people -

John Neihardt