Dear Lucile:

Many thanks for the letter, the cheese (delicious!), and for everything in general. Bower came to us for lunch at Hilda's on the 26th, and we had a happy time with him. It was so good to be with him. I rec'd the invitation to the Festival and have replied, accepting with a proviso. I don't want to talk about Northwestern literature, as suggested. The period set is from Feb 10 to 24, and I'm sure I could arrange for a weeks absence. I'm willing to go for expenses (which would be considerable) because I want to see you three — and I've been fighting loneliness a bit. I come out here and spend the day quite often, and while here I'm far less lonely.


Hurrah for Stewart's first verses! As an old poet to a young one, I say: Vale, poeta: Te moriturus saluto!

Two old students came to see me yesterday — one from Georgia, one from Montana. Bless them! I just happened to be at Skyrim when they called. I wonder how many calls I may have missed.

I'm eager to get back to work. I don't like vacations very well. They too thoroughly vacate me!

Did you know about my weakness for fine cheese? It's a very weak weakness. I appreciate the fine, delicate tastes of what you sent.

Alice has been gone with the girls for three weeks. I remarked to Bower one dies so many little deaths in a long lifetime that he should be an expert when the big death comes! Recently the lines in Jed Smith about "weaning" have taught me as tho' I had not written them myself!


I gave Yo-Yo a few choice nibbles of cheese. She sticks to me like a burr, night and day. She welcomed Bower!