[pm. 10-20]
Dear Lucile:

It was good to hear from you and to know that you are settled for the winter and had no trouble on the trip out. Nearly a week ago I wrote you at the old Highland address, and I suppose the letter has reached you by now.

That's interesting about Mr. Todd of the U. of Colorado and his speech at Brigham Young U. on the epic theories of Frank Norris and John N. I don't know who Todd is. Do you now Frank Norris' stuff — The Epic of the Wheat, The Pit, Blix etc.? Norris was a genius and died too young He did not complete his Wheat trilogy of novels. His use of the word "epic" is in no way related to the ancient conception of the epic, and it would require a deal of nice argument to draw any very pertinent comparison of our two conceptions. Still, a clever Mr. Todd might make the attempt interesting. I'd like to see his paper, and we're glad for his thought of us, aren't we?

The television business is undoubtedly successful. I hear much directly and indirectly. The other day Dr. Sneider of Extension (in charge of my affair) came to me where I was sunning myself in front of Jesse Hall. He took my hand, shook it slowly & regarded me with a glowing look. "You - are - certainly making - a lot of friends for this University" he said; and added that he received many letters & cards. The change to 5 o'clock has greatly increased my audience, I'm told.

Dear Lady, it is good to remember the talks we had last summer. Surely there will be more!

When you are ready with questions, I will set aside a day for tape-recording answers, which no doubt, will develop into monologues occasionally!

I have just heard again from my cousin, Mary Balsbach (now Mrs Weymouth) in Los Angeles. She & I

have been warm friends (peculiarly so) since she was 2 years old & lived in Stockton, Kansas, when I was with my grandparents on the claim 9 miles out in the country. She is a Stanford graduate and was an accomplished Greek scholar. I hope you may meet her. They have connections at Berkeley, and may be coming up that way for a visit. Her address: Mrs. Mary Weymouth 3934 1/2 Arlington Ave., Los Angeles 8. Did I give you Blanche Barber's address in southern Calif? Sigurd is still wanting to learn the truth about his kidney trouble. Cope here wants to operate, but there seems to be good reason to hope he is in error. He & Max may run Skyrim this winter, in which case I'll be here too, of course. Max will have a good job at Farm Mutual Inc. Co.

With affection for you, Bower, and old man Stewart,

John N.
----------------- Alice hears the best of news from Memphis, where a 275 ft. stable is nearing completion.