Dear Lucile:

I believe you had a real experience that grew out of a heightened state of consciousness induced by the music, and I think the implied advice is wise. I have felt little enthusiasm for the task of rewriting Poetic Values. I've felt there could well be omissions and additions here and there. So we are in agreement. Isn't there something gloriously reassuring about such flashes of insight? I had one yesterday while waiting in the hall of the Journalism School for my television committee to come.

Of course, Mood of the Moment would belong.
It had to do with the illusion of Time the Time concept and the eternal Now that I mentioned in The Child's Heritage. Only I didn't realize the probable meaning of the expression when I used it. Yesterday for about a half hour I knew in an overwhelming way. It was good, good! I may work it into Poetic Values where it would fit beautifully, even logically. We are prisoners of that illusion, certainly; but not forever.

There are many intimations that can teach us if we watch for them.

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