Dear Lucile:

I finally rec'd the slippers! They were taken over to Enid's home in very bad weather, and did not reach me until day before yesterday. Anyway they are cozy, comfortable, and carry a most welcome message. Many thanks.

Last Tues. night they gave me "the Golden Camera" award of merit in a brief TV ceremony. Dean English officiated. It was dear of them. Wednesday I did the kinescope on The Death of Crazy Horse, and many, including Hilda, said it was the best, easily, of all my TV programs. I had the same feeling. Had to struggle to keep from crying, and succeeded; but I suppose something got into the voice & through the camera. Yesterday (Thurs). I just gabbed — because they asked me to tell some anecdotes. I didn't like what I did. Enid liked it, but I don't believe it was much good. I wasn't keyed up to the job. But you never know what people will hear or think they hear . I'm prepared to hear that it was my best, and it was my worst, I fear. Anyway, that Crazy Horse kinescope was good, by golly!! Hilda sat in the recording room with Lambert, because about 30 audio-visual students were out there to witness & filled the viewing booth. Hilda made a remark that interested me. She watched the needle on the gauge that registers volume, and she said the variations were very great, ranging from near 0 to very high. She said the variations made anot of intensity made a sort of extra rhythm. This is interesting to me, as I'd never thought of it. Also, she spoke of changing timbre. I do suspect that kinescope is pretty good!

I'll write old Stewart in answer to his letter.


John N.

As to maps of Bancroft and Wayne — After I left Bancroft, the women of once of the clubs had a plat of the town, showing where I had lived, placed in the county court house in West Point. I believe something of the sort was once done in Wayne too. Anyway, there is a record of the little house where I had my dream at age of 11. The house was still there when I was in Wayne about 4 — maybe 5 — years ago. I wish we could be in these two towns together. We'd walk around & I'd tell you all about this and that. Maybe we can do this.

Affection —