Dear Slade:

The record is on the way now. We had it ready to go, and Hilda intended to get the necessary stuff to wrap it for safe travel. Day after day passed and it didn't get mailed. So the fault is here. Please forgive.

Sanford Gray turned up again with another new address! I had not heard from him since last summer. He's a lovable fellow with much ability that is defeated by lack of maintained direction. He's honest too — borrowed a considerable sum from me and pays whenever he can. Surely the ability to maintain direction is at least 3/4ths of any achieving gift.

As to the record of Three Friends. We should have indicated where the excerpts begin and end. With the text before you, this can be remedied. I'm sorry. The next one will be properly done.

My telecourse, Epic America, ends today with The Wounded Knee. It has been more successful than any of us hoped it could be. It reached the public — all kinds of men and women, and there has been a great deal of enthusiastic comment. The TV station and the University gave me a "golden camera" as an "award of merit", and a testimonial dinner. The dean of our college presided. Nice, and very dear of them!

I'm glad you had a happy visit with your grand-children! It's a great feeling, isn't it? They'll be growing so fast now, and it's a joy to watch them becoming. Soon I'll be a great grandfather. Joan, Sigurd's daughter living in Los Angeles, is expecting. My, my! "My days are swifter than a weaver's shuttle". Next semester I'll be in class again. Next fall, if I'm around, another telecourse; but I'm promised one-hour periods next time.

We've been having weather — and how! Snow, thunderstorm, snow — and a deep freeze. The landscape is enchanted. The highways are in a mess.

Affection to you and Nita -

John Neihardt