Dear Lucile:

Time seems to be slipping by rapidly, and it is not long until I'll be flying out to see you!

You is dual number. English lacks inflection! "You'ns" would be better!
I'm very eager for the experience, which I need. Tomorrow, Tues., is registration day. My poetry class is full already, and there are 80 pre-registered students for Epic America. I should have well over 100.

It's bully that you have been getting such good responses from your letters of inquiry. The Neihardt Club collection should be worthwhile. I am expecting a letter from you this morning with reports of further responses.

Here is another good prosepct for some letters. Geo. Steele Seymour and I were intimate friends for many years (He founded the Bookfellows, you know). Knox College has his library and papers. No doubt some of my letters are there. You should contact Mr. Samuel Moon, Ed., The Step Ladder, Knox College This chap is in charge of the Seymour Library, I believe. Anyway he is the man to help.

That letter from you didn't arrive! But I did receive a good one from Bower and I'm writing him now.

I'm hoping and trusting that the weather will be kind on Feb. 20. A snow-storm could keep me on the ground, and how I do want to fly!!


Jno. Neihardt