Dear Lucile and Bower:

Hurrah for Bryan! Hurrah for McKinley! Remember the Maine! Down with the Kaiser!

It seems I am going to have that visit with you, and since you, Lucile, mention several things you'd

"you" here is dual number
like to do while I'm there, I plan to leave K. C. by plane on the 21st of Feb. (Friday) arriving at Portland the same day, I believe. But I can run down by bus on Saturday, and save that drive you suggest. I'd love to bring old Robin along, and perhaps it can be managed. He thinks a lot of Stewart, and they do make a fine pair.

I have a Wilcox Way recorder, and yesterday I began talking to it. It works beautifully and I am becoming acquainted with its habits. Soon I'll be able to move along steadily.

On next Monday evening the television boys and the Extension Division will have me on a panel by way of "recognizing a job finely done", and afterwards there'll be a dinner at Gordon's for the same purpose. The course has been surprisingly successful with the general public as well as the students. Hilda will take my two Epic America classes while I'm gone, and I can manage with the Poetry class one way or another.

All of us did enjoy your visit, Bower! It gave us all pleasure. I spoke of you to Hilda this morning, and she remarked, "I love that man!" But she speaks just as highly of you, Lucile! In recording, I think I'd best begin at the beginning and "tell all" insofar as I'm able. There will, of course, be repetitions of what I've told you sketchily, but the continuity is important, I think. I'll forget much, but you can ask me. As you once remarked, I have a pretty good memory, and I always tell a story the same way! So probably I'll not be far from the fact and the truth.

I'm looking forward to the letter from old Stewart.

Affection -

John N.
[John Neih?]ardt Route [?] Columbia, Mo.
====== Air Mail
COLUMIBA, MO. JAN 8 11-AM 1959



Drs. Bower and Lucile Aly 1086 East 21st, Eugene, Oregon.
As to kinescope: We've done Wagon Boxes and Fetterman. Will do Death of C. H. next Wednesday. The two already done are good.