Dear Bower:

By golly! Just as I sat down to write this note, I looked out the window and saw the first robin! It was a happy surprise and should be a good omen.

Yesterday was my first day at the University, and it was good to see the youngsters again. They did seem glad to see me. Of course I had a good talk with Moffett — mostly about you. I told him what you said about him, and his face glowed. It made him happy. We have sat side by side in 209 Jesse for more than 10 years now, and it saddens me to think that we'll not be together next year. He insists that he his glad to leave; but it's an end, and ends are little deaths. Of course, they are beginnings too. He asked me to send you warm greetings.

Yesterday, Mr. Cook, Alice's partner, arrived from Memphis, and we went out to Skyrim in the evening to see the horses and colts. They were apparently eager to greet us, crowding up to the pasture gate and vying with each other to be petted. They have been running in the pasture most of the winter, and are eager for human companionship. There is one new colt (6 days old); and two mares are big as barrels in the belly. I could see the colt kicking inside my Hackney mare, Lucifer's Carolyn. It's daddy also is a Lucifer, half-brother to the mama. We are trying a bit of line-breeding, hoping to emphasize the beauty of the Lucifer face and conformation.

That was a week to remember; and it was you who made it possible. And to think that you were tied to a hospital bed all the while! Aside from your suffering, the situation was almost comical! It there's ever another time, we'll have those talks I want to have with you. I owe you so much. Just the same, I was happy and so was old Robin. Lucile was so good to us, bless her!

Get well fast! Keep a happy state of mind, and believe in my affection for you.

John N.
John Neihardt
Route 7
Columbia, Mo.
c/o Petri
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