Dear Slade:

I have not forgotten you, dear friend! I've been lecturing at the University of Oregon, have been back less than a week, and am still recruiting from the strenuous experience. I was very happy out there — first, because the climate is marvelous. It's more than half way to heaven in the Willamette Valley, where it's always green & the flowers bloom continually. Then, one of my wife's and my dearest friends is there — bless her heart! It was the next thing to seeing and being with Mona. They say out there that I'm certainly coming back — next year or maybe before. I'll go whenever they call me.

I flew both ways and took my grandson Robin along. It was a lot of fun. The weather was perfect both ways — golden, quiet; and the crossing of the Continental Divide at 19,000 feet was a great experience. While at Eugene, a Prof. of Western History took my friend and me over to the Umpqua River where Jed Smith's second party was massared ​. We played a bit with the Pacific Ocean and had a fine lunch among tall pines.

I talked four times and had two classes.

Everything goes well. I want to hear from you again. And how is Nita?

You are dear to me — bless your heart!

John Neihardt

Tell Nita I often think of her, and I wish we could all have a "night-cap" together. Such things are so good to remember.