Master Stewart Aly, Where-You-Are.

Arf arf arf!


Arf arf!

Rrrrrr —


Dear Stewart:

This is what she dictates to me. Anyone proficient in canine linguistics should be able to translate it for you. Roughly, without the deeper meaning, it reads something like this: "Hi, Stewart! How're you doin' over there? Do they give you plenty of pettings and dog-food? Affectionately, Yo-Yo."

She speaks a very special dialect, and so much escapes between the arfs.

Your honorary grandfather,

John N.

We're having weather!! Snow yesterday, alternating with drizzle. A thunderstorm last evening — then more snow through the night! The highways are a mess this morning; but I must get out to the TV station this p. m. and I will, I'm sure. I'm giving this week to The Messiah, and I love it. The thing is wise far beyond me, and it's beautiful. Bill Mackie, who is in charge of my program, glows when he talks about it. He & his wife really get the meanings. I can give only three sections — The Coming of the Word; Wovoka's Vision; and Wounded Knee.

After this week I'll cease to twinkle, twinkle little star! I'll miss the experience. Next time we'll probably have 1 hour periods, and that will be bully.

Robin and I will see you three in Feb. if the planes fly — and they will. Perhaps by that time there'll be an unseasonably warm spell — violets and dandelions and robins.

Max & Sig are on the way home, Max driving. Sig is doing well!
With love to you Three

John Neihardt