Dear Lucile:

Thanks for another precious letter, friend, friend!

I do hope we may be able to make the Nebraska trip. This may well be the last opportunity; but even if it is (be) so, and we can't make it, whatever happens will be all right. We should, in such a trip, go first to Kansas City and look at all the places where I lived and where I went to school. Then we should go to Wayne, and afterward Bancroft. While doing this, we will would automatically bring back, not only the factual story, but the very mood of the time and place . I would remember everything, I know. We should have my tape recorder & I could talk about each place, this saving you the work of note-taking, which, at best, must be a bit sketchy. There's so much to get in this way. I hope we can do it, and as for expense, I have some money eager to be spent for such a purpose. It would be fun, too, and we could build some good memories.

I am more than merely interested in your "visual thinking" about Skyrim. What you say makes it a bit less lonely around here. Everything is so beautiful with "Springs and promises". Often the "wall" seems to become thinner, but it is a wall; and at times it is too easy to grow weary of living on the wrong side of the wall. I don't want to do that, — I mean, grow weary. I must manage to get to work on something.

Tomorrow I must talk at Fulton. I hope it's worthwhile. I'll try to make it so. Then on the 2nd of May I must be with Benton at Christian. I spent 25 years on the matter to be discussed, and I doubt that anyone else ever did. I will not make

heavy weather of the business.

Some people from up in Western Nebraska phoned me yesterday, asking if they could have an hour with me on May 9th. They'll drive down & back — 1200 miles — for that; and if they can make such an effort, I owe them my best. You are busy! I know what you mean about Christian College. Bless their hearts — they have all the answers! But so long as they are kindf — and they seemed to be — the rest needn't matter, as you suggest (I'm worried ragged about Solomon and the authorship of Ecclesiastes! When you find out, will you promise to relieve my anxiety? Please, please!)

I've had Ted Weatherly out here two days. I think you know of his difficulty (He had shock treatment at Barnes Hospital.) We had a good time. He worked on my roses, and I cooked nice lunches. One day I caught a big bass and roasted it in the oven. Of course we had vegetables, and biscuits. He's a good boy with an essentially good mind. He just got to thinking about some things before he was ready for them, I guess; and he was not, apparently, born gifted with the lust for life. My god! To think of all I'd experienced at his age — and loved it!! I was lucky indeed. He likes to come out here, his parents tell me, and I like to have him.

Don't wait to say anything in Greek! Say it in German, if a foreign tongue is (be) required.

And, by the way, I'm having your Greek books repaired at the top of their spines. They will be coming along in good time.

I often think of the House of Happiness. I'm so glad about it! In closing, let me say that I don't like you at all!!

With sentiments of highest steam,

See inside

I rec'd the afghan from Edna Skillings! It is a beautiful glowing thing. What work went into it! Enid draped it over the couch in my study, and it makes the place look alive. There are lightning stripes in it! —

With the same old dislike,

I've been re-reading the dissertation. It surely is a remarkable piece of work — quite aside from its appeal to my vanity.
John Neihardt Route 7 Columbia, Mo.
Air Mail
COLUMBIA, MO. APR 27 [?]30PM 1959



Dr. Lucile Aly, 1086 East 21st, Eugene, Oregon.