Dear Lucile:

Any time we can go to Nebraska is the best time, if it is the only time! I hope there will be time enough to make the trip from Texas, via Columbia, to Wayne, Bancroft, and Portland, without too much hurry. Be sure that I realize how valuable the summer months are to Bower with a book on his hands.

Tell me something about the book. I'm interested.

Bancroft is celebrating its 75th anniversary on June 20th, and a leading feature of the celebration will be a pageant representing my life there! I've just heard, and they want some information from me. Somehow this is saddening, altho' I feel I should be happy about it.

I'm trying to learn more about a certain Martin Rich of New York who wants to buy the TV and movie rights for When the Tree Flowered. I'll do nothing until I know more.

I wish I could hear your class reciting the Wars! Maybe I shall, "someday". (The word sounds like a bell tolling a long way off.)

Within 3 1/2 weeks I'll fly to Memphis and see my ["Wubs"?] and Alice again. Where I'll go after that I don't know yet. I should go to the Los Angeles region. There must be twenty friends and relatives around there I had dreamed a bit of a trip down the coast in a ship, for I have an unpleasant aufwiederschen feeling that I'd like to lose somewhere. (Byron was not notably wise, but he said, "Happiness was born a twin," and surely anything for oneself is nothing with the rim off!)

Yes, Mona (Fink) is mowing the yard again this year. She's finishing the backyard, and soon it will be a nice place to sit in the afternoons, say along about 5 o'clock our time. Day-dream yourself there and bring Bower and Stewart along! I'll be ready with some ghostly tea and cakes!!

Last Saturday an old student of mine flew with a friend from western Nebraska to have a day with me. At the same time, my poetry class of last year came out for a picnic in the backyard! We finished with a session in the Prayer Garden.

Lately I've been thinking of German lyric poetry, and I've wished I had seized the opportunity to speak the language with Mona. But I was so obsessed with the Cycle that I let the German go. How wonderfully the Germans express themselves! A line can mean so much.

Alice will be laid up with a cast on her leg for at least six weeks more. Sigurd is in Los Angeles with Joan (who will have a baby in August, bless her!) Max will go out there in five or six weeks.

Bless you and yours -

John Neihardt Route 7 Columbia, Mo.
Air Mail
COLUMBIA, MO. MAY 13 1230PM 1959



Air Mail
Dr. Lucile Aly, 1086 East 21st, Eugene, Oregon.