Dear Lucile:

I was so glad to see your handwriting on an envelope yesterday! And it is a dear letter as always.

We've been having a happy time together. The establishment here is excellent, and there is a great deal of fine horse-flesh on the place. [?] Alice has until July [?] to wear her cast. Twelve weeks thus far! She has been brave, surely.

The children are so sweet. Bless them!

We spent three days last week at the big, swank horse-show at Germantown, Tenn. Lynn won 4th with a horse trained only since last Sept. against a field of high-powered horses with 3 yrs. training. There were only six horses, but they were all tops. She also rode in the juvenile pleasure class on the golden stallion. She & the horses made a dream picture — both so blond, as though they were made of the same stuff.

I must return to Skyrim this Saturday, June 20th; so you should write me there.

I have a lot to say, but this is an awkward time for letter writing.

Mary Weymouth is at Lincoln now, and will come down on Sunday to see me. That's why I'm hurrying back, I'd prefer to stay here awhile.

I have become very well acquainted with the spotted pony! He is a darling, and far too knowing for a horse.

Someday it will be August first!! You are very dear.


Lynn & Alice have just said, "[Give?] her dear thoughts — very, very dear thoughts" That is what they said. And Alice sends affectionate greetings.