Dear Slade:

Golly! I'm sorry I missed you! To think that you were in Columbia, and I was away! But you say you may return in Aug. I hope I'll not miss you then.

Some nice things have been happening. I was happy with Alice & the children in Mississippi. Then there's a party wanting an option on When the Tree etc. — television rights. Also, the state agency of publications in Czechoslovakia wants to publish my Cry of the People in an anthology of American poetry. The Poetry Society of Texas wants me to be sole judge of its poetry contest. They have real poets down there — more than their proper share, it seems. I've judged several times during the past 20 or 25 years. Found a really great ballad last time. Gave it first and Readers Digest featured it.


I'm alone in Skyrim. It's beautiful, and so damned lonely. Mrs. Aly Aly will be here about Aug. 1st. We will make a trip into Nebr. for the biography. This should occupy the first two weeks of the month.

Affection always for you you and Nita.

John N.