Dear Bower and Lucile:

I've been waiting to write in the hope that I might receive your Portland address before leaving here. I'm off by T. W. A. for home tomorrow at 9:15 a. m. Will reach Columbia at 5:30 p. m.

It has been good to be here. Very hot, but we have had three hard rains since I arrived — real gully-washers. Sigured seems to be improving all the while, and they are nicely situated in a shady place. We drove over to 21 West Georgia, but found no one at home. If possible, I'll have Sig drive me over again, this p. m. This time I'll 'phone first. I am happy when I think of the trip we had together and of all the rich experiences that were packed into five days and nights. It was quite wonderful, and I'm deeply grateful.

With affectionate thoughts for each of you three,

See inside
P. S.

Lucile, you asked for the third quotation that reminded me of Miss Lobb. It is from Meredith's "Harry Richmond." The boy remembers how his teacher looked when he was sick and she came to visit. "She swayed above me like a green tree in the wind and rain". This, of course, came to me long after the one from Virgil and the one from Tennyson.