Dear Old Man Stuart:

When a couple of fellows travel together and bunk together (and maybe kick each other a bit) and eat together, why they get to be buddies. So I guess that is what you and I are! By golly! We even got up at 4 o'clock a. m., fresh as lilies and ready for the road.

So, taking all this into consideration, I like you.

Also, I am grateful for your letter! I like legible letters done on typewriters like yours. When in the world did you become proficient in typewriting?

My little dog was nearly crazy when she saw me. She bit my nose, pulled my hair, and arfed violently. Dogs are wonderful people, Stuart. You should have one to love. And how it would love you! There's an idea! Make your Daddy & Mama get you a dog!! Not too big a dog. He should fit into a beautiful house and be an ornament. And he should be taught good manners while he is still a puppy.

Anyway, many thanks for writing your honorary grandpa! Bless your heart!


John Neihardt