Dear Lucile:

It's good to know that you will soon be settled in the House, and that then 'a stream of questions will flow my way'. I'll be so glad to have the questions, for they will give me the nudge I need; and you may be sure I'll answer each as best I can.

How good it will be to think of you three in that beautiful home!

That was good luck in Portland, finding Man-Song and Two Mothers, especially the former; as for Poetic Values, did I not loan you a copy? If I did (and I'm sure now I did) the one you have is yours, unless it is inscribed to someone in the family. It's that's the case, I have another for you. I must help find the others for you. I think I'll place a standing order for my "firsts" with big Eastern 2nd-hand stories, giving Enid's name so as not to play into the dealers' hands. (They might flatter me with high prices!)

Yes, old Stewart is a born book-hunter. He and Robin went after books last winter like veterans. (By the way, I wish that boy were kicking me tonight!)

Yes, yes, yes (as dear Dr. House used to say, stroking his Van Dyke) that was a wonderful week. I like to live it over, hour by hour. I'm too grateful for it to make much of the wish that we had had could have had more leisure to dream back old times. We could have done it, and it would have been a joy for me and a great help to you. But I know you felt a great deal; and it was such a precious experience to return to the old places with you. I do wish we could know about Miss Lobb. Surely she did come through Mona that time; and if she did not, how in the world is one to explain the matter away? And if she did come, could she not know that I came back — that we came — with affection and reverence after so so many, many years? It's beautiful anyway, Lucile, dear Lady; and I'm so grateful for it.

Yes, it is a marvelous world — so much more so, most certainly, than we now guess; and the same aspect of the world, I'm sure, is pitifully limited. Have you thought much about the pattern that seems to have caught us up and brought us together with a purpose? ("Us" means the three of us). It's really too pat to be regarded as "accidental." (Here I really don't mean to attach too much importance to the Cycle. But, at least, it represents a consistent striving for something true & good and beautiful, and somehow we've been tied together in the project.)

My good friend, Dr. Slade Kendrick of Cornell University was here with me yesterday afternoon. I cooked supper for him — Turkey pie, French friend potatoes, waffles, to fresh tomatoes. Hilda will have him for a lawn dinner today (Sunday)

You're at Pullman. I'm sure you know when I was there; I've forgotten when, but I was there. I recall the Palouse country. That made a deep impression on me. (But does that come after

This was sent with mail to Salt Lake. It's characteristic of Enid. She is still water that runs deep. She could never tell me she loves me, but how she does! Note the indirect way she has of letting me know. Dear Girl!


She is genuinely fond of you. I wish you could hear her appraisal of you.

John Neihardt
Route 7Salt Lake Columbia, Mo.
_________ AirMail
COLUMBIA, MO. AUG 31 2-PM 1959



Dr. Lucile Aly, 1607 Clifford, Pullman, Washington.
Hil & Albers sold Lucky to someone and are taking him down to Memphis Thursday, I think. Alice called Hilda by phone. -E.
Dearest Gaki:

Just couldn't help but see that you didn't go to the p. o. in Salt Lake in vain! Wanted you to have what "readin' matter" was available so far!

Nothing new, except we are getting our bedroom nearer to completion & have Nei's room to do now! Mona did her redecorating and it's lovely!

Sorry, once more, that I didn't see the Alys;

See inside
but the times I came over to see Mrs. Aly, she just left! Anyway, please give them all our very best! Sorry we didn't get a picnic like you wanted at Skyrim, Gaki!

Be seeing you, & please, I want to hear about the trip & Bancroft!

Write us.

Loads of love,

[Enat?] & Family

Needless to say — we miss you Gaki, Darling!! Honestly!!

I miss taking you to town — we always have such a good time.