Dear Bower:

Many thanks for the "amen" attached to Lucile's recent letter! That is the nearest thing to a letter I've received from you since that happy time we four had together on that wonderful trip. Wasn't it a happy time?!

One of these days I bet you'll write me a whole letter, and I'll be glad.

Yes, our friend, Moffet, has been growing right along. I watched him doing it, and at very close range — about five feet, to be exact!

At present he is off on a wide-ranging trip to the battle-fields of the South. He knows a lot about them already, but he'll know plenty when he gets back! I spent some time on the field of Shiloh, and was so fascinated that I read most of two weeks about the battle after I came home.

By now you are going full-steam ahead out there. We began here on Sep. 17, a Thursday. I had feared that my Epic America class might be smaller than usual, but they poured in. Bless them! My Writing of Poetry class is a bit larger than I like, but I can handle it.

We have had the driest summer and fall that I can remember.

Bower, as I have told Lucile, I don't like you too; and I hope you don't like me the way I don't like you.


John N.